Composition, Production, and Recording


  • Original Composition & Scoring For Media

    Original Composition & Scoring For Media

    Every project is different, and our collaboration with clients can start in any number of ways. We have scored music to finished products or worked with directors from the beginning. We have experience working on feature length and short films, commercial campaigns, web series, and video games. Our goal is for our music to have a unique effect on the viewer, while realizing our clients' vision.

  • Sound Design & Audio Remastering

    Sound Design & Audio Remastering

    We are a balanced production house, offering composition and musical content, as well as a sound studio for mastering and post audio production. We have committed ourselves to providing unique and exciting sound effects, as well as audio clean up, syncing, mixing, and mastering.

  • Library
  • Studio

Music Library

This sampling of our music is designed to show our range as songwriters and arrangers. We own the rights to each of these original compositions and all are currently available to be licensed. Search the full music library here.

Explore our full music library


Founded in 2003, TTO Studio was born out of friends recording friends in the North Brooklyn music scene. Our sole purpose remains to work with artists to completely realize their project’s potential while maintaining a realistic budget. We look forward to working with you.

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Studio Gear

  • Instruments
    1960s Gretsch Hollow-Body Guitar
    Fender Jazz Bass
    Fender Jazzmaster, Stratocaster and Telecaster Guitars
    1968 Gibson SG Reissue Guitar
    Danelectro Jerry Jones Baritone Guitar
    Roland Juno 106 Polyphonic Synthesizer
    1980s SX 12-String Guitar
    Alhambra Nylon-String Classical Guitar
    Full 1980s Premier Drum Kit
    Full 1970s Slingerland Drum Kit
  • Amplification
    Vox AC15 Combo
    Fender DeVille Guitar Amp
    Roland Jazz Chorus 120
    1966 Silvertone 1481 Guitar Combo
    Ampeg Rocket Bass Combo
    Roland KC-500 Keyboard Amp
    2 Marshall  4 x 12 Guitar Cabinets
    Mesa Single Rectifier Tube Amp
    Blackheart Engineering BH100h Tube Amp
    Orange Rockerverb 50W Tube Amp
    2 Cloudlifter CL-2 Mic Activators
    ART Dual MP Tube Mic Preamp
    Presonus BlueTube Stereo Preamp
  • Microphones/Interface
    Cloud JRS 34 Ribbon Mic
    Cascade M20 Large Diaphragm Mic
    Audio-Technica AT4040 Cardioid Mic
    Tascam PE-125 Condenser Mic
    2 AT pro 37 Condenser Mics
    Vintage 1940s RCA SK-50 Ribbon Mic
    Sennheiser MD441U Condenser Mic
    5 Shure SM57 Mics
    2 Shure SM58 Mics
    2 AKG D112 Dynamic Mics
    Protools 10
    2013 Mac Pro 3.2 GHz Quad Core
    UA Apollo Quad Interface
    Mackie HR824 Nearfield Monitors
Time To Operate Productions
61 Greenpoint Ave, Suite 112
Brooklyn, NY 11222