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51 songs

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Play Horseboy - lo-fi electronic, retro NES game music, fun, light, inspiring, anthemic
Play Commando - lo-fi electronic, retro NES game music, army mission music, anthemic
Play Skillman - lo-fi electronic, retro NES game music, fast, inspiring, anthemic
Play Rio - mid tempo, fun, easy, bossa nova with guitar, flute, and bongos
Play Fates - driving, electronic, arpeggiating keyboards, wurlitzer, anthemic
Play Night Lights - fun, sexy, electronic club music
Play Wake Up - eye opening, positive, energizing, pizzicato strings with vibraphone
Play Melodic Rhythm - positive, percussion driven, xylophone, cute, quirky
Play Sabbath 2 - Full blues rock band with wailing blues guitar solo, slow, driving
Play Cardiel - Driving, upbeat, full folk rock band, happy
Play Phoenix Park - Background electronic mood setting, simple and slow melody, all synthesizers and piano, acoustic guitar, no rhythm, minimalist
Play Late Night Loop - Jazzy, lounge energy, upright bass and drums with electric guitars. In the vein of Digable Planets and Ocean's 11
Play Phoenix Drive - Arpeggiating pianos, Strings, keyboards, no drums. Atmospheric, inspirational.
Play Piano Portland - Arpeggiating pianos, no drums. Atmospheric, inspirational.
Play Portland Sunday - Smooth keyboard driven, driving percussion, atmospheric retro analog snyth 80's sound. For fans of the Lost in Translation Soundtrack
Play Rat Pack - Cool, laid back, retro 60's casino sound. Full horn section, wah wah guitar. In the vein of Ocean's 11
Play It’s Snowing - Christmas and New Year's mood, pizzicato strings and xylophone melody, with additional classical music instrumentation
Play Happy Glockenspiel - Christmas mood with classical instrumentation-- glockenspiel, cymbal rolls, piano, and upright bass
Play Country Birthday - Free, fun, happy guitar driven folk song with ukelele and upright bass
Play Philadelphia - Very hypnotic bass lane and guitar lead line. Inspirational, expansive, in the vein of Explosions in the Sky
Play Oakland - Electronic rock, driving kick drum and bass line leading to a very easy to listen to groove with keyboards and acoustic guitar
Play Summer Walk - Light, fun, cute acoustic country song driven by xylophone and ukelele
Play The Best Beginning - The perfect blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentation. Positive, uplifting, and beautiful. For fans of The War on Drugs and Kurt Vile
Play Garden & Gun - Rolling, mellow acoustic guitar driven country folk song. Peaceful, calm, and warm.
Play The Last Frontier - lo-fi electronic, retro NES game music, mid tempo, inspiring
Play Flight - lo-fi electronic, fast, retro NES game music, for fans of Mark Mothersbaugh
Play Anti Hero - lo-fi electronic, retro NES game music, fast, inspiring, anthemic
Play Adventure Man - lo-fi electronic, retro NES game music, fast
Play Kiss the Moon - folk band, catchy, positive, driving
Play Timid - electronic, warm, mid tempo, arpeggiation, retro 80's analog synth sound
Play Sabbath - blues rock, slow, driving
Play Reggaeton - dance, electronic, energy
Play Jive Bunny - Bill Halley, 1950's, fast, dancey
Play Thompson - Folk band, driving, mid tempo, acoustic guitar driven, varied percussion
Play The Professor’s Lab - dark, moody, electronic, scary, retro NES game music
Play Dark Cello - mysterious, gloomy, intense, ambinet noise with haunting cello
Play Elevator Music - slow, hotel resort lounge music
Play Funeral Organ - sad, slow, church organ
Play Classical Credits - slow waltz, piano, violin, cello
Play Cat Burglar - jazz quartet, sneaky, cool
Play The Minstrels - slow, medieval, pipe organ, guitar, violin, sad
Play Dreaming by the Side of the Road - Slow, moody, cavernous soundscape, minimalist, guitar driven
Play Iodine - experimental, electronic, expansive soundscape, broad instrumentation
Play Love Theme - very positive, waltz, guitars, folk jazz
Play Outta My Mind - slow tempo, country swing
Play Jazzy Intro - jazz quartet, bouncy, fun, uplifting
Play Caramels - gypsy jazz, swing, fun
Play Jazz Whistle - playful, swing, bass, drums, guitar
Play Billie Piano - 1930's back room jazz, lo-fi, jazz quartet, very happy and fun melody
Play Nothing But Alone - mid tempo, alt country swing, touching
Play Buick - up beat, positive, indie rock

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